Enhanced Permission Consultancy

You may already hold a CAA Operational Authorisation but you need to expand on the projects you can get involved with. We can help with training, consultancy and white label services.

In the aftermath of the 2018 Christmas Gatwick “drone debacle”, our commercial clients will be more aware than ever of the need to use professional, safe operators for aerial work.  It is more likely that operators will be asked to jump through hoops and justify the contents of their risk assessments and method statements.

Operators holding suitable exemptions already find that planning for jobs can be easier with higher margins and this is likely to become more common, making the time and money invested in obtaining exemptions financially worthwhile.

Take Off and Landing Distance

Standard Permission (30m)
Eyeup Exemption 5m

Flight clearance from uninvolved people (m)

Standard Permission (50m)
Eyeup Exemption 10m

Maximum height (ft)

Standard Permission (400ft)
Eyeup Exemption 1000ft

How we work

We pride ourselves in being professional, creative and safe in all that we do. When you initially contact us we will discuss your requirements and the outcome you are expecting.
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Consultancy Services

We have already helped a number of established operators by sitting down and understanding their current operation and the way this could be improved with an Enhanced Permission from the CAA.
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Qualified Pilots

Eyeup's pilots are professionals. Whichever flight environment they are working in they will hold the CAA's General Visual Line of Sight certificate. Eyeup also ensure their experience is current on the platform they will be flying.
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About us

The “very impressive” systems developed by Eyeup have been recognised by the CAA during a recent audit.  Eyeup were invited to take part in one of the earliest of the revised audit process by a senior manager at the CAA  as we were trusted to provide helpful feedback.  If you visit our blog page you can find out about the experience with a link to the CAA’s blog.

Eyeup Aerial Solutions was born out of an interest in photography, remote controlled technology and a burning desire to solve problems.  Working for larger organisations has provided a real understanding of the need for safe working procedures, essential when flying several kilograms of plastic, metal and chemicals up to 750 feet in the air.

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