OSC Training Workshop

The regulatory and social environment in which drones are operated underwent significant change in December 2020.  The previously “protected” commercial drone industry has turned parts of the industry on its head.  Small, sub 250g platforms can be used freely with minimal restrictions at the lower end of the market where high quality output is not demanded.

So how will you differentiate yourself from other, newcomer operators or from established standard permission holders?  One way is to obtain a GVC from one of the new RAEs.  Another method, with proven effect, is to obtain exemptions to your current permission.  Such exemptions allow you to sell to higher-value, corporate clients who understand the need for higher levels of safety compliance.  After all, this helps protect their reputation and insurance premiums as well as your own.

Yes, there is an investment necessary in both time and money.  But operators who have made, or are making that investment will have a much larger advantage than spending similar amounts on the next new airframe.

Our training workshops equip you with the information you need to make an effective and professional approach to the CAA when making your OSC application.

The courses are totally COVID-Safe as they take place using our GoToMeeting video conferencing account.  This means you can learn in the comfort of your own office or home with no travel or accommodations costs.

We limit ourselves to a very small number of operators per course to ensure a tight focus and attention on your business.

The training is COVID-19 Secure and takes place via the GoToMeeting platform.  This is easy to access via the app or through the Chrome browser.  So wherever you are in the UK (or the world!), you are able to attend.

One-on-One focused OSC Consultancy

We have already helped a number of established operators by sitting down and understanding their current operation and the way this could be improved with an Enhanced Permission from the CAA.  The preparation of an Operating Safety Case can be a daunting prospect but Eyeup will talk you through the process.  We can help put together logical and effective safety arguments and assist with enhancements to your Operations Manual and Systems Template.

We do not provide this service for every operator.  We need to be convinced that you are already a professional outfit with a high level of experience in the field you are looking to enhance.  We can’t and won’t guarantee that any particular application to the CAA will be successful (because we aren’t the CAA!), but we believe that any professional, experienced operator should be able to achieve an enhanced permission with the right guidance.

Contact us for more details at info@eyeup.camera or call 01372 632634.

Eyeup provided white label services to help its client obtain pre-development CGI background images.  The catch here is that the pictures had to be captured from 800ft within the City of London Airport flight restriction zone.

With its experience and Operating Safety Case, this was not a problem for Eyeup Aerial Solutions.  We are one of the few operators happy to share our methodologies with others, so the whole industry can do more for more clients.

So how can we help you?


Overview of an East London development from 800ft.