While we have our own happy clients, we are more than prepared to delight yours.

If you have a project coming up that is a little “tight” in terms of clearances or needs a special angle then we may be able to help.  Our Enhanced Permission allows us to take-off and land at clearances down to 5m and fly down to 10m or 20m from crowds with decent sized platforms and sensors.  Other operators can offer flights to 50m from crowds with similar sensors.

Other exemptions include an enhanced ceiling allowing us to fly 200ft above structures up to 1000ft or 800ft in an open area.  This can provide cinematic images that a standard “PDRA01 operational authorisation just can’t match.

Or we can use our Extended Visual Line Of Sight operations out to 2000m to map linear features with minimal changing of take-off locations.

Our basic rates do not change for reduced distances unless there are factors requiring additional costs, e.g. increased number of spotters on site.

Platforms can include the Matrice M210 or Inspire 2, both with a range of sensors and the ability to record cinematic video specifications up to ProRes and CinemaDNG.

We assist many operators to meet the specifications of difficult jobs including tightly congested area flights in London and can do so at a price that leaves you a margin.

Finally, you don’t have to come to Eyeup just for OSC flights.  We recently completed an indoor flight for an operator in a very tight volume, surrounded by grade II listed features.  The operator got the stills and videos they needed for a major fashion brand while Eyeup did the flying.