How we can help you with drone hire

We pride ourselves on being professional, creative and safe in all that we do.  When you initially contact us we will discuss your requirements and the output you are expecting.  This may be as simple as a number of images or as detailed as survey resolutions and contour accuracy.

We then provide a proposal for the work and explain any caveats.  Once you are happy with this then you give us the go ahead and we will book in the flights.

We may require your assistance on take-off and landing permissions but otherwise we will make all necessary arrangements for airspace permissions, risk assessments and notification to appropriate authorities.  Costs for all of this activity will have been included and identified within your proposal.

There are some rare occasions where it will be impossible for us to carry out a task due to the legalities and limitations imposed on flying in certain areas or physical circumstances.  This will become evident during our initial risk assessment process and if we cannot proceed with a particular task for some reason we will let you know as soon as possible and you will not be charged for the abortive risk assessment work.  Similarly, we accept no liability for any costs, direct or indirect, suffered as a result of our inability to proceed.

Where we are dealing directly with consumers (that is, you are an individual, not a business customer) then we comply with the Consumer Contracts Regulations for distance selling. – giving you a right to cancel within 14 days under certain circumstances.

Once the flying work and any agreed post processing work has been completed we will provide a sample together with an invoice.  The completed work will be provided on receipt of payment either on hard copy media (memory stick, CD or similar) or through a file-sharing service.