Eyeup Aerial Solutions operate against a comprehensive set of enhanced permissions from the UK Civil Aviation Authority. These allow us to take-off and land at a distance of 5m from uninvolved people (normally 30m) and fly as close as 10m.  This isn’t with small, open category drones with their limited sensor size (which we can also supply by the way), but with fully professional tools with large sensors.

A popular service is to provide a true helicopter-like view from up to 1000ft above ground level.  Most other operators are limited to 400ft.  Others are forced to offer workarounds such as grid flights to create “orthomosaics” or panoramas from a lower height.  However, it is impossible to beat a true high-level flight!

Imagine what these operational advantages can do to ease your inspection and survey work or enhance your social media marketing. We are also delighted to work alongside your regular videographers or production company and happily provide white label services to other drone operators.