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Approaching your OSC

The Department for Transport has decided to not recognise the EASA class marking in the Open Category.  The review of the Open category may not be completed for three years.

Professional operators who were awaiting C class platforms to obtain significant reductions in clearances are now limited to the use of sub-250g drones with their compromised sensors.

Those wishing to work around this change may wish to consider applying for an OSC-based exemption.

Eyeup Aerial Solutions’ “Approach your OSC” seminar is running again on the 7th January 2023*.

* Should numbers be significant, an “overflow” course will be planned for 28th January 2023.

The session help those planning to apply for an OSC on their journey through document preparation and application.  This is not a templated solution since these are rightly frowned upon by the CAA, but a way to ensure your OSC documents reflect your operations, your platforms and the mitigations that work for you.


What are the benefits?

If you are wondering whether OSC-based exemptions are still worthwhile in this era of lighter, more capable platforms, then consider this.  Your competitors with an OSC can address client pain points you can’t.  They can take larger sensors to places you can’t, and often at a lower cost, be that into very highly congested areas or at heights and distances not allowed under PDRA01 or open category flights.



Eyeup Aerial Solutions has provided OSC training or consultancy services for 25% of current OSC holders and continues to provide ongoing support to its loyal clients.*

The cost of the seminar is £550 and is accompanied by up-to-date course materials as well as access to an exclusive networking forum.  For organisations sending more than one staff member, the cost can be reduced to £500 for additional attendees.


Email info@eyeup.camer direct or call on 01372 632634 if you have any questions.


*Based on FOIA data end April 2022 and Eyeup Aerial Solutions’ client list.